How To Confidently Step into the Role of Industry Educator - While Creating Consistent Income

Thursday, September 30th - 12:00pm OR 6:00pm CST

This class is for you if you’re a creative entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to diversify your revenue streams by creating education through mentoring or coaching, speaking on stages or virtually, creating an online course, or any other educational offering! Are you ready to ditch the doubt, and step into leadership and consistent income?! Let's go!! 

After this training you will be able to...

  • Avoid the 3 BIG mistakes that are keeping you stuck and keeping you from making BIG impact as an educator
  • Say goodbye to imposter syndrome as you level-up your teaching to confidently add a new revenue stream into your business
  • Use my tried and true method to prepare for any educational setting (I call it the Expert Educator Method) so you can...
  • Stop guessing if your education is impactful and effective, and KNOW that you are making a difference for every client and student!

Hey, friend! I'm Laylee

former high school teacher turned entrepreneur

Before my days as an Entrepreneur, I started out as a high school teacher: I loved being in the classroom, designing curriculum, and connecting with students. It wasn't easy to leave my teaching job when I founded my business, but I felt a pull on my heart toward the life of a full-time business owner.

But as I grew in my business and the industry, I noticed a gap. A lot of creatives were getting into education... but there were no resources to equip them with the training on how to teach. I brought my passion for teaching full-circle, and now work with creative educators to help them create effective curriculum design for their own students!


I just watched the masterclass and it was so so good!! I was there right from beginning to end and I don't think I've honestly ever watched an hour-long masterclass — I usually skip through certain parts but there was so much value packed into it! I've never stayed around and watched an entire master class, it was wicked freaking amazing!!

- Tracy Jazmin


This masterclass opened my eyes to all of the “right things” I was doing that were actually a waste of time and energy; and keeping me from getting the results I wanted and building the offering I truly wanted to provide. After watching it, I was able to make changes that helped me book my first 1:1 Mentoring client before I had even finished creating my offering!

- Ty Z Wilson